Santorini – Greek paradise

My lovely parents decided to surprise me with a week vacation in Santorini, since I have been so busy graduating, working part-time, looking for a job and helping them with the family business. It’s been 4 years since I went on a proper vacation with them (apart from my graduation).
From reaching the coast of Santorini, through the bus drive to our hotel, I was already breathless. Climbing the rocky hill, I didn’t care if the bus fell down, because the view was so marvelous I was absolutely in a trance.
We actually managed to go on all possible little excursions available. However, we did spend the holidays enjoying the warm Santorini sun on the volcanic sand, breathing in fresh sea air. There was wine tasting, exploring old fortresses, walking through the small rocky streets, looking at the tiny windows and doors, on each wee house, along with the small art shops.
Everyone goes for the sunsets, from beautiful and popular sunsets. They are truly astounding. It’s hard to explain with words, but all I can say is, despite all the crowds, pushed together to share all the romance, with many other couples, you feel as if time has stopped, no one is watching and all the colours of the sun, reflecting on the white walls and houses, take you to a dimension non-existing anywhere else.
It’s pure magic, heaven and all I needed from my vacation.


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