10 ways living in Japan makes you talk like a weirdo

True so true

Ampers & Ampers

1. You can’t stop using useful Japanese words.


2. Everything is natsukashii.


3. You forget what words aren’t English.

J34. You simply forget English words.


5. You use Japanese particles in your sentences.


6. You use Japanese English.


7. You talk to yourself in Japanese.


8. Your answers become more vague.


9. You make lame bilingual puns.


10. And lastly, you can’t help yourself.


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My recent Blog entry for Future Heroes

I recently contributed to the Future Ideas platform with a small Blog entry. Future Ideas connects innovators from around the world to stimulate the development of ideas. We believe that graduates with creative minds are the key to a better future. By organizing their Worldwide Academic Competition and Business Challenges they use our platform to bridge the gap between top talent and the business world by better utilizing academic knowledge.

I am a Future Hero and Sustainability theme jury, thus wanted to share what I wrote for them.

Forgive Me, Adi

Lubomir Todorov PhD


A Syrian child – Adi Hudea, is pictured ‘surrendering’ after mistaking a camera for a gun.

Dear Adi,

Unlike you, my granddaughter always smiles happily when she looks at a camera.
Forgive me, Adi, forgive me and my colleagues all over the world, for not having done enough to isolate all those greedy and fanatic primitives who have made this picture of yours possible. In the 21 century.
But we are not done yet.


To: Adi Hudea
Refugee Camp

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Consuming the War on Terror (テロにおける戦争売買ー) by Peter A. MANTELLO(モンテロ・エー・ピーター) | TEDxAPU

This is my all time favourite professor during my Undergraduate Degree.

Last year my Uni – Ritusmeikan Asia Pacific University organised TEdXAPU. I cannnot begin to express how excited I was when I saw him being one of the speakers. Very often I would wish I could visit Japan soon and guest visit one of his lectures. Those 90 minutes classes were like 5 minutes for me. I learned more than I could have wanted on my favourite topics, by a very inspiring person. I have had the chance to not only enjoy his classes but work on some projects together, share some beers, learn about cinema and watch one of his documentaries! I consider myself lucky 🙂

Take your time to listen to this – it is epic.

We never forget those special people in our lives

A few years ago I lost a very special friend in tragic events.
He was the most positive, kind and loving person anyone has met. Full of bright ideas and beliefs about our world, he used to make everyone around him smile. It is hard to describe the people that touch us, but for me he was beyond special, he was someone that inspired me to be a better person, to appreciate the little things in life, to appreciate every person I meet every day. I love you Stani! Thank you for being my friend! I will never forget you! This was a song all his friends remember him by! Thank you for the memories, thank you for being you!

Santorini – Greek paradise

My lovely parents decided to surprise me with a week vacation in Santorini, since I have been so busy graduating, working part-time, looking for a job and helping them with the family business. It’s been 4 years since I went on a proper vacation with them (apart from my graduation).
From reaching the coast of Santorini, through the bus drive to our hotel, I was already breathless. Climbing the rocky hill, I didn’t care if the bus fell down, because the view was so marvelous I was absolutely in a trance.
We actually managed to go on all possible little excursions available. However, we did spend the holidays enjoying the warm Santorini sun on the volcanic sand, breathing in fresh sea air. There was wine tasting, exploring old fortresses, walking through the small rocky streets, looking at the tiny windows and doors, on each wee house, along with the small art shops.
Everyone goes for the sunsets, from beautiful and popular sunsets. They are truly astounding. It’s hard to explain with words, but all I can say is, despite all the crowds, pushed together to share all the romance, with many other couples, you feel as if time has stopped, no one is watching and all the colours of the sun, reflecting on the white walls and houses, take you to a dimension non-existing anywhere else.
It’s pure magic, heaven and all I needed from my vacation.

Job hunting demons

I started job hunting long before I finished my Master Degree. Someone advised me I should do that, yet it didn’t do me any good favours. I had just finished all my classes, facing only a dissertation until it was all finished, when me all optimistic and bright about the future, decided I can conquer the world. Well, maybe not exactly conquer, but I thought there are all these possibilities and opportunities for young people out there. I was met with a harsh slap by reality, telling me I won’t find a job right away. 

I kept getting rejections every day. I kept applying for anything I saw I wanted to do. Then I realized I need to graduate and I will get more replies. I decided to pursue my career back home, help my family, spend time with friends and maybe help my motherland somehow ( I had been living abroad for 6 years). I found a freelance job, started helping my mom. Yet, no job opportunities. More and more rejections. I slowly started applying to any job, that would fit something in my CV. Still no success. It has been a year since I have been going to interviews with no positive response. And I keep seeing more and more talented young people struggling with the same issue. People keep telling me I should somehow use connections, ask everyone… and ok that does make sense in today’s society somehow… But does it have to be that way really? Why companies keep rejecting all those multi-cultural kids with so much potential and desire to learn, develop and create? I stopped dreaming and started applying to random jobs, just because I need to find one. And I know it shouldn’t be like that, but parents people around you, they all start asking questions in time. The worst is: Why can’t you find a job? If only I knew the answer. I have my freelance job. but I can’t do that all my life. I want to learn more, I want to use all that I studied in real life. I want to struggle with stress situation at my work place and grow within the environment. I want to have a career and a profession. 

I sometimes feel as if most young graduates would be stuck at a dead end of a not desired career, in a not desired company for an unknown time.. Yet, I don’t cease to yearn to develop more. I learn from these experiences. I learn from my mistakes during interviews. I learn from all those sleepless nights, trying to figure out what to do next, how to do it and will it work. And that gives me strength to keep wanting to dream, to start dreaming again and building a bright future for myself. And to all fellow job seekers out there – It will work someday! Have the patience!