X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past

I have to start with how hyped I was for this movie coming out. I have been a X-Men fan since I was a little girl. So I really need to share my happiness and joy with you peeps.

The movie didn’t disappoint! On the contrary – it was pure awesomeness. Everyone in the cinema was quiet with excitement and happiness, during the whole movie. Acting – superb, soundtrack – superb, directing – superb, visual effects – superb. I’d give it a 9/10. I didn’t realize the movie was 131 minutes and didn’t want ti to end. Jennifer Lawrence was really impressive, and my new found love for James McAvoy was justified. And everyone around me was super, duper excited about Peter Dinklage (and he made everyone proud). I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but all my geeky friendly need to go and watch it NOW! You won’t be able to sleep from excited.
Don’t forget Marvel has little videos of what is next at the end of all their credits. And after these credits, I am surely even more excited for the next X-Men movie.


Kyla La Grange – Cut your teeth (FlicFlac Remix)

A great remix. Just wanted to share this awesome tune and wish everyone a lovely week.
Summer is so close, so I just imagine this type of tunes and a ride on the coast with the windows down.

Lone Survivor (2013)

Lone Survivor (2013)

Last night I went to the cinema with my father to watch a based on true events war movie called Lone Survivor (2013) (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1091191/?ref_=nv_sr_1). I had no idea what the movie would be, nor who the actors were. It turned out a very decent, in fact brilliantly shot movie. As someone who has used a gun, since my father is a hunter, I’d say the gun shots had perfect sound to them. It felt real. Not only this but falling shots, rolling around the forest, while being shot scenes, made me feel as if it was happening to me. Few back cracks, broken legs, were so realistic, I felt like my own legs were breaking. Absolutely brilliant job to Peter Berg as a director. Furthermore, the acting of all the boys was just right and communicated the valiant characters of marines to the viewer perfectly. Mark Wahlberg has always been impressive, but he did his job very well, making you observe him as a standing by character, and root for him throughout the movie. Also Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Eric Bana and Ben Foster were just epic.
I also quite enjoyed that, while they portrayed USA as always giving justice (as we see in most movies), they also showed the other part of Afghanistan, where people are just like us – people. The end with all the real pictures, and the perfect score of Peter Gabriel’s remake of David Bowie’s Heroes, got me in tears, and was just the perfect finish.
I highly recommend it to anyone, who like movies based on true events. But don’t forget it’s quite heavy.

My friend’s amazing art

My friend’s amazing art

My best friend, named Olinka, has always been very talented at turning home things, clothes and anything in a house in a very personal, hand-made item. Here is a paper ink lamp, she decorated with Japanese characters. I am trying to help her raise attention to her art, and maybe some of you might find it as beautiful as I did. 


Monday blues

I found this song the other day and its pure magic – kinda like a mix between the Dexter (TV series) and Amélie. It perfectly fits my Monday blues, which are well mixed with the changing weather outside.

It makes me miss my days at my ballet school. But I will talk about those some other day.

Have a lovely week everyone.

You, Me, Here, Now

I haven’t posted anything in awhile. My life has been really busy lately. I’ve had lots of freelance work and hopefully will be able to use all that saved money for good. 🙂 and job hunting has been rather rough. Lots of unsuccessful interviews, but my head is up and hope is never gone.
I just found this amazing, relaxing song and find it to perfectly fir the surprisingly rainy day outside. Though it sounds more like a sunny song, somehow it makes this rainy, hangover Saturday way nicer. So I hope you enjoy it peeps.

Jah-One – Morning Friends

This is a very mellow song. But it perfectly fits the gloomy weather outside (Bulgaria). It’re rather cold today and I miss the warmth of last week. But when it’s gloomy like this I end up being more productive, more creative. This song perfectly fits cloudy weather and Monday withdrawals from the weekend. Mine was awesome by the way. My best friend Olinka came back from her exchange programme in Japan and we got to see each other. Sadly she is here until Wednesday, but I will enjoy the few days with her to the fullest. It was happy to gather together so many friends at one place and create beautiful memories together (by getting drunk :)). I am blessed to know so many amazing people, with different interests and special traits to their characters. This unique mixture of people makes me smile everyday.
Enjoy the song and have a lovely week everyone.

Hubbabubbaklubb – Mopedbart by Délicieuse Musique

I follow the Délicieuse Musique channel on YouTube quite actively because they always, always upload brilliant stuff. So I woke up today, slightly hangover from Friday and wine celebrations in Bulgaria and this beautiful piece of music popped on and I just had to share with the world. It fits perfectly my Saturday afternoon mood and I hope everyone else finds it as nice as I did. And I highly recommend you check that channel, they do have some great tunes.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Hifana – Remix Your City – Fresh Push Play

This video is pure genius. Hifana guys are absolutely brilliant and inspiring. They always blow my mind. I found this a few months back and thought it was very cool and deserved sharing (esp. on a Friday night). Oh, and Happy Valentine’s day everyone. By the way in Bulgaria (where I am from), we celebrate and worship wine today. So we drink wine until we all get fairly pissed.
Back to the video – an original idea, made into a genius mix. And it shows you a beautiful side of Tokyo in a new way. I’d love to go to a boat party like this in Japan. It’d surely be absolutely unforgettable. So enjoy the video guys and have an awesome Friday evening.

Juxtapoz and Yuko Shimizu

Juxtapoz and Yuko Shimizu

This amazing art is by Yuko Shimizu, presented today in Juxtapoz magazine. I am slightly obsessed with this magazine 🙂

Also Yuko shows amazing mix of traditional Japanese art and styles with modern themes and problems. Very stimulating for both the eye and the brain.

I found it very fascinating as a big fan of traditional Japanese art.