Consuming the War on Terror (テロにおける戦争売買ー) by Peter A. MANTELLO(モンテロ・エー・ピーター) | TEDxAPU

This is my all time favourite professor during my Undergraduate Degree.

Last year my Uni – Ritusmeikan Asia Pacific University organised TEdXAPU. I cannnot begin to express how excited I was when I saw him being one of the speakers. Very often I would wish I could visit Japan soon and guest visit one of his lectures. Those 90 minutes classes were like 5 minutes for me. I learned more than I could have wanted on my favourite topics, by a very inspiring person. I have had the chance to not only enjoy his classes but work on some projects together, share some beers, learn about cinema and watch one of his documentaries! I consider myself lucky 🙂

Take your time to listen to this – it is epic.